Birth Announcement Card - Balloon 148x105

148MM x 105MM

Share the good news with family & friends of the birth of your baby with one of our birt announcement cards! Choose the perfect design including the correct size of the card. We adjust the design with your details and as soon as the baby has been born, we only need to adjust the name, date of birth and it’s ready to print! This design has stars, hot air balloons and a space ship.

How to order a Birth announcement cards
  • 1) Select your design and the size of the card
  • 2) Choose the amount of cards and optionally envelopes and stickers
  • 3) Complete the details as much as you can
  • 4) Place your order and pay
  • 5) You'll receive a digital example of the card
  • 6) As soon as the baby has been born, send us an email with the name and date of birth, length and weight (optionally)
  • 7) You'll receive a final proof of the card for which we need your approval
  • 8) Upon your approval, the file will be send to the printer and ou'll receive the cards within 7 working days

Order birth announcement cards

Total price incl btw€169,50
  • Amount of cards
  • Amount of envelopes
  • Amount of stickers


Please complete details for the babycard as much as possible. If you don’t want to mention weight or length, please insert ‘not applicable’.

The example shows textlines on each page. If you prefer another text, please write this down in the text box. If you want us to remove the text please let u know.

Delivery time after approval of the digital proof: 7 work days
Product details
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