The Rijksmuseum collection

sheds new light on old masters

Creative Lab Amsterdam launches a wallpaper and print collection brimming with flora and fauna from old masterpieces in the Rijksmuseum’s vast collection. The finely drawn flower and animal figures taken from drawings and paintings by different artists are combined to create new imaginative prints that look like they came from old fables. Stories from the past are brought together in contemporary design, thus bringing the old works back into the light.

‘I merged fragments from the Rijksmuseum’s collection in a modern wallpaper collection with proper reverence for the past. The finest details, from the little butterfly to the flower wreath that became a starting point for one of the designs, originated in the countless drawings I was able to study. Not only are the different designs stunning on your wall, but they also continue to inspire through the beauty of their detailing. You will see something new every time you look at them. And every wallpaper design tells a new story,’ says Art Director and co-founder Heleen van Nierop.

Designs for Rijksmuseum

A highlighted element 

These are two outstanding elements from the design Never Ending Story. The drawer of the lush floral wreath is, unfortunately, unknown. This drawing comes from an album with color printed prints from the company of Johan Teyler (RP-P-2014-23).  Johan had a studio in Nijmegen, later in Amsterdam and Rijswijk.The studio was internationally known for its unique way of printing prints, de -la poupée printing technique.

The ostrich is drawn by Robert Jacob Gordon (1743-1795). He’s born in the Netherlands and has lived a pretty adventurous life until he was drafted into the army. He was an explorer, scientist and diplomat. He had traveled the Cape Colony and traversed areas where no white man had ever set foot. He mapped the great river to the north and named it Orange River - the name that has endured to this day

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The story behind the design

'Never ending story'

You can keep looking at it endlessly and you will always discover new details.  All different elements in this design are from different old-master and originate from the Rijksmuseum collection. By observing the design, you travel through time between the 16th and 19th centuries. The masters like Robert Jacob Gordon (1743-1795), Anselmus de Boodt (1552-1612) the unknown drawer of the floral wreath are playing the leading role in this design. Each of these artists had their own vision of the world and painted the flora and fauna in their own way.  


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