Behang rol berekening

To calculate how many rolls of wallpaper with the pattern you need, you need the following sizes:

  • Height and width of the wall
  • Width and length of the roll
  • Length of the pattern

We will explain the calculation with the roll with design Savannah Palmtree.

  • The wall is 390 cm long and 265 high.
  • The roll is 70 cm wide and 10 meter long.
  • The pattern length is 55,58 cm, this means that the pattern repeats itself every 55,58 cm.

Step 1: Calculate the amount of lanes needed.

To do this you have to calculate the width of the wall, divide by the width of the roll.

  • Width wall: 360 cm
  • Width roll: 70 cm

Always round up the result.

360 cm (width of the wall): 70 cm (width of roll) = 5,14 lane, rounded up you need 6 lanes.  

Step 2: Calculate the pattern per roll

Divide the length of the roll by the repeat of the pattern and round the outcome down.   

10 meter (=1000cm; length roll) : 55,58 cm (repeat of the pattern) =17,99 patterns

In this example you will therefore get 17 patterns from 1 roll of wallpaper. 

Step 3: Calculate amount of patterns per lane

Divide the height of the wall by the repeat of the pattern. Round up the result.

260 cm (height wall): 55,58 cm (repeat of the pattern) = 4.67 pattern

Rounded up; it will be 5 patterns per lane.

Step 4: The amount of lanes you get out of a roll.

Divide the amount of patterns per roll (outcome of step 2) by the amount of patterns per lane (outcome step 3) and round down the result.

17 patterns (on the roll): 5 patterns (per lane) = 3,4 lanes

So you get 3 lanes out of 1 roll.

Step 5: The amount of rolls needed = outcome

We are now at the final step since we have the needed information.

You need 6 lanes for your wall (outcome step 1)

You get 3 lanes out of 1 roll (outcome step 4)   

Divide the outcome of step 1 by the outcome of step 4 and round up the result. This will give you the correct amount off rolls.

6 lanes (total amount of lanes) : 3 lanes (amount of lanes per roll) = 2 rolls