About us

About us


Meet Creative Lab Amsterdam

Remarkable, original designs & elegant prints, powerful colours, high quality paper and creative printing techniques is what define the creations of Creative Lab Amsterdam.

We aim to create products that bring real joy. We love to make beautiful designs while keeping them pure and fun.

At the Lab, we are always creating and innovating. We like to challenge ourselves as well as our customers. In 2016, we launched our first collection of greeting cards and lot of positive things has happened to us.  Above all, because we listen to our costumers’ needs in print design. That resulted in a Wallpaper label and more stationery product! For all our products we uphold our mission of sustainable production; minimum waste and application of sustainable materials.

Every year, we make two collections for all our products, sometimes we stumble upon another creative idea, so surprises are always lurking. We are located in the heart of the dynamic city centre of Amsterdam, this energy inspires and challenges us to new ideas every day.


When I see outstanding printing or when I work with high quality paper, my heart makes a little jump. Designing Postcards gives me so much joy, especially when I see the end result and everything comes together. Why only apply special printing techniques for festive occasions such as a wedding? These days, it’s already a surprise if someone makes the effort to send an actual postcard, why not make these as beautiful? Postcards are meant to send a little love; therefore, I design every card with love. And this way, when you send a card, you know the person will keep it in the room longer, as it’s a little piece of art. 
In 2013, creative multi-talent Heleen founded the brand Creative Lab Amsterdam. The company started out as an on-demand custom design agency for logo & web design, wedding invitations and birth announcement cards. Inspired by seeing all the different kinds of special paper types, craftsmanship and artisanal printing techniques. 
In 2014, Heleen printed her first postcard collection and the success of this line resulted in Creative Lab Amsterdam – Postable Papergoods.
Heleen lives in Amsterdam, together with Roderick and their two children Kick (2013) and Milly (2016)


Sending and receiving postcards will always bring joy to people, no matter how the times change. Showing a loved one you care will always feel good. The number of really attractive postcards is limited though. So many times I stood in front of the racks and couldn’t decide, because the right card just wasn’t there. I often chose the best of the worst, until I saw Heleen’s first collection. Finally, cards that are creative, fresh, have bold designs and subtle messages. Cards that actually relate to the message you want to send.

Nienke worked as a manager and before as projectmanager that consulted different organisations in heathcare & public sector on issues relating to quality, safety issues and process optimalization. Albeit different, a creative enterprise has always appealed to her. When her mother started her own furniture restoration company ‘het stoeltje van’, she immediately wanted to support with the sales & marketing. 
In 2016, Heleen wanted to expand Creative Lab Amsterdam and realized she could not do it all by herself. Her focus should always remain the creative side. She consulted Nienke and Nienke was immediately enthusiastic and saw many possibilities to take the postcard market by storm. They’re a strong team with each their own speciality: Heleen the creative mind, Nienke the business strategist and always looking for new opportunities. Nienke lives in Blaricum with Bouwe and their two children Lieke (2013) and Stijn (2016).