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Can I wallpaper a wall circle by myself?

The answer is YES!

It is easy to apply a wall circle to your wall all by yourself! Follow our simple DIY steps below and nothing can go wrong!



Choosing a Wall Circle

First things first, you need to decide on a Wall Circle! You can choose from our entire collection of wallpaper circles at Creative Lab Amsterdam. All your favourite designs come in 3 diameter sizes (95cm, 120cm or 142.5cm) so you can choose the right one for your space. Each design is well represented on all 3 sizes so you can decide which one will best compliment the space you are wallpapering, be it above your bed, sofa or chest of draws.
Make sure you think about how the Wall Circle will look on the wall, if the colours match the interior or if they blend into the wall. It all depends on your vision!

Is the wall suitable for wallpapering

When beginning your wallpaper jourey, ensure the wall is smooth and even. For the best results, we advise you to wallpaper on a white wall, with no remaining wallpaper, to ensure stains and colours don’t show through light-coloured wallpapers. If the surface is wrong, there is a chance the wallpaper will peel off. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure of the following:


  • The wall should be pre-treated so that the adhesive is not absorbed into the wall.
  • If the wall is painted with latex this is enough to wallpaper on.
  • If the wall is untreated, we recommend using a primer to pre-treat the wall.

Materials and tools needed to wallpaper

  1. Wallpaper spatula, brush or roller
  2. Plumb line or spirit level
  3. Dry cloth to remove adhesive residue
  4. Wallpaper glue:
You can choose from Perfax Wallpaper Paste Roll on (a make-you-own-glue) or Perfax Ready and Roll wallpaper glue (read-to-use). If the right glue is used, non-woven wallpaper is easy to remove even after years. Always ensure you check the number of m² so that you have the right amount of glue.


    Time to get started!

    1. Prepare the paste according to the instructions on the packaging.
    2. Wallpaper circles are delived already cut into strips to create the correct shape of the circle. Place all the strips on the floor in the correct order, to check the image of the wallpaper circle before you begin.
    3. Draw a small line on the wall using the plumb line or the spirit level to ensure the first strip of wallpaper will be perpendicular.
    4. Apply the glue to the middle wallpaper strip (we begin in the middle with wall circles!) When you have 4 wallpaper strips you can start with strips 2 or 3.
    5. Place the wallpaper strip on the wall. Use the spirit level or plumb line marking to ensure that this strip hangs straight.
    6. Use a wallpaper spatula to remove any air bubbles. Make sure you work with clean materials and that the wallpaper spatula is always dry.
    7. Apply glue to the other wallpaper strips and place them on the wall in the correct order.
    8. Remove the excess glue with a dry cloth and pat it dry.
    9. Let the wallpaper dry. Wallpaper should always dry gently, if it dries too quick it can cause it to shrink or tear. Dry the wallpaper with the doors and windows closed and heating at a moderate temperature.

    If wallpapering by yourself was a challenge before, it isn’t anymore!

    Ofcourse, sometimes you would like professional help. At Creative Lab Amsterdam we give you the option to indicate that you would prefer to use the wallpapering service. This can be done in the ordering process and we will send your details to the wallpaperers who will contact you and issue a quote. The wallpaperers are independent and will discuss the planning further with you.

    DIY How to wallpaper a wall circle by yourself

    Is a mural or custom wallpaper an option?

    If, after planning your wallpaper circle, you decide it would be better to switch to wallpapering the entire wall: this is possible! The same design you had in mind can also be chosen as a mural or for custom wallpaper (customised photo wallpaper.)

    For wallpapering custom wallpaper or a mural, see our page about wallpapering an entire wall (because it’s just a little different.)


    Personal advice from Creative Lab Amsterdam

    If you have any questions about the designs, sizes or wallpaper types of Creative Lab Amsterdam, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to be inspired and help your creations come to life!


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