Gratis verzending orders boven €50 (in NL & BE)

Gratis verzending orders boven €50 (in NL & BE)

Creative Lab Amsterdam started in 2016. The extensive collection, including eye-catching wallpaper, notebooks and greeting cards, has a unique signature. With its original designs, elegant prints, strong colours, creative printing techniques and the use of high-quality materials, Creative Lab Amsterdam has acquired a strong market position and loyal customer base. Straight to the heart. The designs of Creative Lab Amsterdam are based on feelings. About emotions. The designs bring energy and fun. For example, the choice of a specific wallpaper design largely determines the atmosphere in a room, a well-chosen card can reflect the joy of new parents or enhance the birthday feeling. The basic principle is that the design of a wallpaper, greeting card or notebook should never be chosen arbitrarily. Whether it is the result of an extensive and critical search or an accidental "bull's eye": every chosen design should give you a 100% good feeling.

Meet the founders: Nienke van der Leer & Heleen van Nierop

In 2016 we, Nienke and Heleen, started an exciting journey that has grown into what Creative Lab Amsterdam is today. The journey consisted of immense perseverance and resilience, being pushed out of our comfort zone and always thinking of the possibilities. As female entrepreneurs, we were faced with a double challenge of development and focus on building our business and the responsibility of starting a family and having children at the same time. These were two components in our lives that demanded our full attention. Fortunately, we like challenges!

We then had to face the ever-changing challenges of the outside world. First, was the Coronavirus period where our entire business model had to be overturned and redesigned, and then the effects of the rising energy and material prices caused us to sit back and re-evaluate things all over again. Nothing is as it was, but it makes our work an exciting roller-coaster that we, as suckers for challenges, can enjoy.

So, what's on the agenda for Creative Lab Amsterdam in the near future? We aim to continue the current course of producing quality stationery products and wallpapers and are working on developing new products that will strengthen our current range. More on this to come soon! For now, we have the honor of introducing our dream team to you! As a female-run business, we like to work with women! Our team, therefore, consists exclusively of women all aged 25-65 years. Together we are building a bright future for Creative Lab Amsterdam, while simultaneously supporting each other in the workplace, as individuals, and as mothers/sisters/wives/partners. We work hard together as a small close-knit team and in the end - family.

Within Creative Lab Amsterdam, Heleen is responsible for the creative direction of the company. She creates the designs, is involved in product development, marketing, and content creation.

Nienke runs the business aspect of the company. This includes sales, finance, logistics, HR, and customer care. She is also involved in product development & marketing.

Meet the team

Tessa van Rikxoort

Within Creative Lab Amsterdam I am responsible for developing new products. Together with Heleen and Nienke, we look for the best raw materials to expand our range in a responsible manner. I also research how we can best market our products.

Favorite design
Catch me

Irene Aydemir

Graphic Designer
Together with Miranne I am responsible for processing the 'customized' wallpaper orders. We work to tailor the wallpapers for each client and customize them to our clients needs, while ensuring no element are lost. If you want an extra element or a little more or a different color, I can adjust that for you!

Favorite design
Currently Oliver Teddy gold.

Miranne Kalff

Graphic Designer
At CLA I am jointly responsible for the ‘customized’ wallpapers. I manage and create these to fit every wall and every customer. It can be a huge puzzle to keep the design, while still adjusting it to a different size.

Favorite design
Dancing Crane Birds & Rainforest.

Iris Maree

Product Manager
Within Creative Lab Amsterdam I am responsible for the purchases of collections and the development of new products and materials. The aim is to organize purchasing as responsibly as possible, and we are currently working towards a supplier base in Europe.
I work together with Heleen/Design team when it comes to product development. We make samples of her designs, which are eventually perfected into the final collection. In addition, sales is an important source of information for my work because it forms the basis of demand for products, product price and margins, etc.

Favorite design
Rijksmuseum designs are generally the most beautiful designs, I think. Within the new designs I find more connection with my own taste of design and color. Favorites are Sweet Lemon and Chinese Costume. Watercolor Checked and Lantern Festival I also really liked, but unfortunately that stayed with samples… To be continued!

Eva Beekhof

Online Shop Manager
I am kept busy with all facets related to the website & web shop, from online marketing to newsletters, landing pages to blogs, and SEO to SEA. Optimization and usability are paramount, and it is important that all our beautiful products can also shine online. I love to think creatively so that our products can shine on whichever channel you see us.

Favorite design
Aaaaah do I have to choose?? So depending on which room it is intended for, but if I can only choose 1, I will go for the design with which I first became acquainted with CLA: 'Never Ending Story' from the Rijksmuseum collection. This collection has touches of everything I like now; vintage, color, history & rich details - I never get tired of it.

Eliane Willeumier

Graphic Designer
I am an all-round creative - DTP'er, from photoshop to InDesign, within the lines when necessary, outside the lines when possible!
I prepare all our printed matter and I edit our images for all the expressions we need.

Favorite design
Tricky!! I narrowed it down to a final two: Milky Way Theatre and Monkey Night Blue.

Creative Lab Amsterdam wallpaper and stationery

Senske van der Leer

As Nienke's mother, I feel responsible for a lot within Creative Lab Amsterdam. But I limit my motherly concerns to sending out the wallpaper sample orders. Every sample order goes through my hands and is sent with love.

Favorite design
Floral Pheasant and Never Ending Story.

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