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Collaboration Veneta & Creative Lab Amsterdam


We installed blinds from and we are SO happy with them! Every day they bring a cosy and fresh look to the office! We placed our blinds at the front of the office, as we were looking for window coverings which can be closed in the evenings and leave our office out of sight! We also were looking to let in a lot of light during the day, but not always full sun, this way we can leave the heat outside in the summer!

Our online search led us to, their inviting website had us immediately requesting free samples in multiple colours! And within two working days, they were already en route our way!

After taking into account the different colours and materials, we opted for a natural look and selected the wooden blinds (Blind Harmony Natural ND110) in combination with ladder tape (T403) for our large window. This way we were able to achieve a light, fresh look in our office while of course – matching our wallpaper 'Walk in the Park'! For the window in the door, we opted for narrower aluminium blinds (Allure) which fit better with the longer window length.

Window coverings are a great addition to our space and what’s great about is they offer a wide variety of colours and materials (that match our wallpaper – perfectly!)

Thank you for the great cooperation!

Are you also looking to add window coverings that not only match but complement your wallpaper? Take a look at and enjoy!

We are very enthusiastic about the combination with all of our customised wallpaper!