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Bathroom wallpaper with a splash of creativity!


Wallpaper has commonly been known for bedrooms, children’s rooms and living rooms, but did you know there is wallpaper catered especially for wet rooms such as bathrooms?

You can make your bathroom a real eye-catcher, and create a relaxing, wonderful space to spend time in, simply by adding a beautiful wallpaper. Add some tranquil bamboo trees behind the washbasin, some flamingos on the bathroom wall, or swim with fishes next to your bathtub. You can decide the atmosphere you would like to create.


Damp Spaces

When wanting wallpaper in your bathroom or toilet room, it is important to know that not every type of wallpaper is suitable. Most wallpapers and wallpaper glues are not water-resistant. Bathroom wallpaper manufactured for this specific use, has a top layer that prevents condensation from penetrating into the glue. This makes it both easy to clean, as well as splash-proof. Most bathroom wallpapers are only splash-proof and thus are not appropriate to mount on shower walls. However, there are some that are completely water-resistant, so it is important to be aware of this difference.


Bathroom wallpaper designed by Creative Lab Amsterdam

At Creative Lab Amsterdam there are over 120 different bathroom designs to choose from. Are you more inclined toward a serene Jungle-Plant environment? Or would you prefer the softness of a flower-patterned design? We have an array of underwater animals which you could bathe alongside you, such as lobsters, fish, whales or puffer fish.

Take a look at our Terra Leaves design – an attractive print which looks great in any bathroom or toilet! You could also opt for Cute Mister Flower and Vintage Bouquet which additionally fall into the plant category of bathroom wallpaper. If you feel like you’d maybe prefer more colour and adventure in your bathroom you could select The Magical Village, Treehouse in the Forest or Flying Whale wallpaper designs, which are among the photo wallpapers suitable for a damp room. Head to our website ­here to take a look at more of our designs!

Parrot fish customized wallpaper design Creative Lab Amsterdam Terra Leaves design bathroom wallpaper by Creative Lab Amsterdam B-cute design customized bathroom wallpaper by Creative Lab Amsterdam


Customized Wallpaper

All our bathroom wallpaper designs are made-for-measure for your bathroom walls! What does that mean, you ask? It means we adapt the design to make it fit your space perfectly. The desired elements in the images remain visible and are not overshadowed or covered up by the bath, washbasin or toilet. Our team of designers can move elements in the design around to accommodate for any obstacles that may pop up in your bathroom, such as a sloping wall, a door or a heating system. We can adapt the design with ease and move any elements such as animals, plants and flowers around to your desire, carrying out any special wishes or creative ideas you may have for your space!

At Creative Lab Amsterdam we always aim to stay true to the design and although we can adapt elements to accommodate your wishes, often more than two adjustments are not possible. Our creative designers stay true to our style and guard our Creative Lab Amsterdam stamp.


Features of Creative Lab Amsterdam Bathroom Wallpaper:

  • It is tear, scratch, color and impact resistant
  • 100% recycled PET with Biovate (biobased material) coating
  • 100% PVC free, 100% Chloride free
  • no Formaldehyde
  • 315 gr/m2
  • Suitable for wet rooms
  • Made to measure


Tips and advice when choosing bathroom wallpaper:

  • Choose wallpaper with a strong top layer and a bottom layer made from paper or a textile.
  • Wallpaper circles are also available in bathroom wallpaper quality.
  • Ensure your wall is even and free of any moisture before you begin applying your wallpaper.
  • Ask someone with experience with wallpaper to attach the bathroom wallpaper.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help!

And after all your wallpaper-ing, remember to sit back and enjoy it!


Customized bathroom wallpaper designs by Creative Lab Amsterdam