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Important to know when buying wallpaper


What should you pay attention to when buying wallpaper?

Wallpaper usually hangs in rooms where you spend the most time; in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Not only the atmosphere wallpaper gives, but also a pleasant atmosphere is increasingly important. The air quality must be good and remain so that it is safe to spend a lot of time in that particular room. Here we tell you what we think is important to look out for!


Greenguard Gold quality mark

There is a quality mark for wallpaper. This quality mark shows the emission of chemicals, which is an important indicator of air quality. Greenguard Gold is the highest achievable certificate for wallpaper with regard to preserving air quality. Creative Lab Amsterdam works with ecological inks and partly because of this, our wallpaper has a Greenguard Gold certification. This means that the air quality in the rooms is guaranteed to remain good. Especially for the many children's room wallpapers that we have in our collections, this is a must!
In addition, our fleece wallpaper is PVC free and is printed in the Netherlands. We print everything on demand, so we work without stock.


Non-woven wallpaper

Creative Lab Amsterdam works exclusively with non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is a strong type of wallpaper that is easy to wallpaper. It consists of 2 layers, a fleece backing with a paper or vinyl top layer. Our wallpaper has a protective varnish top layer (without metals) that serves as a protection. This top layer makes it extra strong and also removable with a slightly damp cloth.


About the material

The basis of our wallpaper is made of a fabric-like material consisting of long fibres that are heat-treated to bind together. This process creates a network that binds the wood fibres firmly together, making the product extremely durable.
The matte non-woven wallpaper is made without embossing and has an additional protective varnish (without heavy metals) added for extra washability.

  • Weight: 155g/m2
  • Thickness: 0.16 mm
  • PVC free and environmentally friendly
  • UV-resistant
  • Fire Classification Bs1-d0 (European) & ASTM 84 (American)
  • No addition of formaldehyde or heavy metal compounds
  • Width: 50 cm (19.68 inch)
  • Paste the wall technique
  • Dry-removable: comes off easily
  • Matt finish
  • Residential material


Easy wallpapering with non-woven wallpaper

Working with non-woven wallpaper is easier than 100% paper wallpaper. You apply the glue to the wall and then glue the wallpaper to it. By gluing the wall in, you can easily glue the wallpaper strips against it. If you have not stuck the job properly, you can pull it off and stick it again. You cannot do this endlessly, but you can fix your mistake.
Each wallpaper comes on a roll where the different strips are rolled up. The strips are marked with a black line so that you know where to cut them. The strips are numbered, so you can always keep to the right order.
Creative Lab has an extensive DIY wallpaper step-by-step plan with instructions and video. Watch it here, so nothing can go wrong!