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Jungle wallpaper as an eye-catcher!

Jungle wallpaper is hot!

Wallpaper with jungle and primeval forest prints are very popular at the moment! It is a real eye-catching print and can be combined with any interior and any room. It provides a vibrant atmosphere, contributes to better acoustics and you can have endless design choices. It is also easy to apply and remove, so you don’t have to limit yourself to making a lifelong choice but can let your creativity run wild!


Jungle wallpaper is suitable for every room!

Would you like jungle wallpaper in your home, but you aren’t sure in which room it would fit? Our opinion is that wallpaper with jungle and rainforest designs could be suitable for any room! In a children's room, it’s creates a true adventure for the little ones when they lay their eyes on a lion, flamingo, giraffe, monkey or dinosaur roaming their walls. For an adult bedroom, a more serene atmosphere of jungle wallpaper with wild plants, flowers, trees and tropical birds might be better suited.

When it comes to living rooms, there are plenty of possibilities if jungle wallpaper is your favourite. Just imagine: a fireplace with a setting of palm leaves next to it. Behind the sofa subtropical flowers, plants and birds nestle around you, or a small corner with botanical wallpaper gives an instantly relaxing atmosphere. You could create a 'jungle chic' look with peacocks set up on a dark blue background for a library and for a TV room you can create a fun twist with more fantasy images, like monkeys and circus animals. In the kitchen and bathroom, jungle prints are becoming increasingly popular with a variety of fish, lobsters and puffer fish.

Jungle behang met planten, dieren en bloemen als blikvanger in elke kamer!

Our advice for botanic wallpaper

If you have many straight lines in your home, combine botanic wallpapers with round or organic elements. You could choose a whole wall of jungle wallpaper, a strip or just a circle. Apply a colour paint that appears in the wallpaper on adjacent walls to create a cohesive room.

First choose a pattern and then a type of wallpaper based on the room of choice: customised wallpaper, a mural, a wallpaper circle or bathroom wallpaper.

  • A mural is wallpaper with a design that we sell in three different sizes. There are fixed widths of 194.8cm, 292.2cm and 389.6cm and always a standard height of 280 cm.
  • If you have a different sized wall, a sloping wall or, for example, a window or door in the room, then choose customised wallpaper and we will adapt the design accordingly. Read our blog "The difference between a mural and customised wallpaper" for more detailed information.
  • You should always apply bathroom wallpaper for wet rooms.
  • We create wallpaper circles in three sizes if you want to only partially wallpaper a wall.

We love DIY and being able to apply wallpaper yourself! The fleece wallpaper from Creative Lab Amsterdam can be applied directly to the wall and is easy to remove.

Jungle wallpaper designs from Creative Lab Amsterdam

Animals, trees and plants on wallpaper is our speciality at Creative Lab Amsterdam. You will find a variety of colours, patterns and numerous alternative botanical wallpaper designs.

For example, 'From Jungle to Space' is often chosen for boys' rooms, as it has a very pronounced blue colour as well as a combination of jungle images interspersed with rockets among stars. ‘Mighty Jungle', on the other hand, is filled with a lively green and appeals to a more mature audience with leopards, toucans, snakes and lots of palm trees and leaves. Other wallpaper of ours 'Into the Wild' and 'Walk in the Park' offer a more soft exotic setting. ‘Parrot fish’ and ‘Dutch Parade’ combine sub-aquatic elements of flowers, plants and fish to make you feel like you're underwater. Whatever your preference, there is a wallpaper design for every mood at Creative Lab Amsterdam. You can choose from more than 50 different jungle, tropical and safari wallpaper patterns.

Tropical wallpaper in brief:

We have many different tropical designs available, creating the right atmosphere in every room.

  • Our wallpapers are easy to combine with painted walls and are easy to apply and remove.
  • Our design team gives you the possibility of personalised wallpaper. Do you have a sloping wall, window, door or a piece of furniture in the room that would make the design look slightly out of place? Then choose customised wallpaper and work with us to achieve your wishes.
  • Each tropical wallpaper design is available in three wall circle sizes.
  • You can choose from three fixed sizes of wallpaper (murals) to make the entire design stand out on the wall.
  • You should always apply bathroom wallpaper for wet rooms. Bathroom wallpaper is eaily removable and remains attractive and colour-fast in damp rooms. It is also tear, scratch and impact-resistant.

    Muurcirkels voor kinderkamers en als eyecatcher in de woonkamer

    If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

    Good luck with choosing your favourite jungle wallpaper, for your child or just for yourself!