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New wallpaper collection 22/23: Free your mind

For this collection, we gave our creative minds free rein. Everything was possible and everything was allowed, no limits. We let the world speak to us. We were inspired by everything that came in our direction and all that is around us.

Thanks to the mediums which broaden our scope to the entire world, we concluded that there is so much beauty on earth and that there are so many people who make it even more beautiful. With deep respect for everyone who creates and inspires, we went around the table ourselves, with open minds. We proudly present our new collection: Free your mind!

 Enjoy the exuberant designs, the styling and the warm colours found in our wallpaper. Dream away, free your mind and get to work yourself. We invite you to go all out, to be exuberant, happy and to create without limits. We hope to inspire you so that you too can make your world a little more beautiful.

Check out the new collection!

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