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The Perfect Wallpaper for your Little Ones!


With all the excitement that comes along with the birth of a child, one of the most heart-warming aspects of pre-baby has to be decorating the baby’s room! There are endless possibilities, choices and themes to choose from! We at Creative Lab Amsterdam are ready to provide our expert guidance to you to find the perfect choice for wallpaper in your baby and children’s rooms. 


Advice from Creative Lab Amsterdam

The first step to designing the perfect baby room is choosing a design or pattern that most appeals to you! (You will be looking at it A LOT)! From there you can decide what you want to do with this wallpaper. Do you want to customise it? Apply a fixed size (mural wallpaper)? Or just add in a few wall circles to lift the energy in the room? For this choice, read the differences and what you may need to take into account, here.


Wallpaper designs and patterns

With any creative inspiration, you may have a preference for a specific colour or theme depending on certain factors, like if you are having a girl or boy. It doesn’t matter though! Many themes work well for both genders and can be used if the gender is still a surprise!

So what Wallpaper design should you choose?

  • Animal prints are a popular design! They are cheerful, recognisable and create both an adventurous and educational atmosphere! The Big Five are always fun for all children and come in many designs. For a softer pattern, perhaps more for girls, we provide animal elements such as flamingos, fish and horses. For a more wild and loud look, perhaps more for boys but not subject to, there are elements such as tigers, lions and bears. For all babies, we have elements such as Orcas, (Shore) Fish, Monkeys and Tropical Birds.
  • We at Creative Lab Amsterdam love to appeal to the imagination with our fantasy and dream images! Are you fascinated by circus scenes, decorated with dancing horses, camels, tigers and parrots! Or do you prefer roaming with the dinosaurs on prehistoric earth (a hit with the boys!) We have all options, from hat-wearing whales to elephants floating away in balloons. You can step right into your dream world!
  • Take a trip on the wild side with our Jungle and Tropical prints! Between the banana leaves and striking flowers, you will find an array of tropical birds, monkeys and friendly snakes, creating a warm and cheerful environment in your baby’s room. And who knows, from the jungle you might even fly to space in a rocket! Let your imagination run wild!
  • If you prefer a more calming atmosphere, why not go underwater! Float around the room with Pufferfish, Lobsters, Orcas or a school of colorful fish! You could add a boat filled with fishermen, clueless about what’s happening below them! The soft blue and green colors of the ocean environment give a peaceful feeling to any room!
  • Birds are a definite favorite of ours at Creative Lab Amsterdam and appear on almost all our designs. They provide a sense of freedom with flight! The variety of sizes and vibrant colors leave you with many options such as Dodos, Toucans, Eagles, Parrots and of course our pink Flamingos to choose from! It doesn’t only have to be birds though, have you ever seen an elephant with wings? Anything is possible!
  • All animals can be found in multiple combinations and designs in our wallpapers at Creative Lab Amsterdam. Take a good look at all our "kids wallpaper" designs and choose your favorite.


Customised wallpaper Jungle theme Sanny & Charly by Creative Lab Amsterdam

Fixed-size, wall circles or custom-made wallpaper?

Now that you have chosen your design it’s time to decide where and how much of it you want to decorate your wall!

  • Fixed-sized wallpaper (also called murals) come in four sizes at Creative Lab Amsterdam. Which one you should order will depend on the dimensions of the room. For each size, the design is curated in such a way that all components (animals, plants and extras) stand out and catch your eye! The height for fixed-size wallpaper is always 2.80 metres.
  • Wall circles are smaller, circular cutouts of a design which can be placed on any part of the wall. They allow you to add colour and creativity to your room in smaller amounts. Wall circles are made to order in three sizes.
  • Made-to-measure wallpaper is perfect for those baby rooms that are slightly tighter for space. Our designers at Creative Lab Amsterdam can personalize wallpaper elements for you to allow the perfect fit for your room. We can move crucial elements to accommodate the placement of your cot, changing table or door! If you have a sloping wall or a window which is cutting the main component (like that striking Zebra), this can be solved by moving said element around to accommodate the space. Customized wallpaper is our expertise at Creative Lab Amsterdam.
  • Last, but not least: Patterned Wallpaper. Described perfectly in its name, patterned wallpaper (also called repetitive wallpaper) contains smaller patterns with a repeating character. These are delivered on a roll, can be ordered in the desired quantity and therefore fit any wall.


Wallpaper circle Yuki by Creative Lab Amsterdam Wallpaper Circle Sealife Coral by Creative Lab Amsterdam Wallpaper Circle From Jungle to Space by Creative Lab Amsterdam Wallpaper Circle Baby Bananas by Creative Lab Amsterdam Wallpaper Circle Dino by Moonlight by Creative Lab Amsterdam  


Air quality is essential!

All non-woven wallpapers utilised by Creative Lab Amsterdam have the Greenguard Gold Certificate, the highest certificate obtainable. With this in mind, it is still very important for baby and children’s rooms to continuously have good air quality and flow so that it is safe for your little ones to sleep. We aim to use wallpapers with low emissions of chemicals as well as ecological inks. All fleece wallpaper is PVC free and is printed in the Netherlands.

Once you have chosen your perfect design, allow yourself to sit back with your little ones and let their imaginations run wild!