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Tips before you start wallpapering:

  • Make sure you are wallpapering with 2 people, this makes it a lot easier
  • Make sure the wall that you are wallpapering is solid colored. We recommend wallpapering on a white wall, without wallpaper, this prevents stains / colors from showing through with light-colored wallpaper patterns.
  • Make sure that during the wallpapering you will not get glue on the front of the wallpaper to prevent stains. If this will happen anyway, only then blot it away. Never rub!
  • Are you wallpapering a plastered wall? First knock softly on the wall: with a dull sound the plaster is probably locally loose. Carefully remove the bad spots and repair the holes with a filler before you start wallpapering.
  • First treat highly absorbent substrates with a primer to break the greatest suction force. See packaging of the wallpaper glue.
  • Always keep the printed side facing up when cutting the webs. Any errors and / or stains are then immediately detected.
  • Always use a sharp knife to cut wallpaper. A blunt blade can cause slits or rips.
  • Wallpaper always needs time to dry. If it gets dried to quickly it can cause it to shrink or tear. Therefore it is important when you start wallpapering to do this with the doors and windows closed and the heating at a moderate temperature.
  • When cleaning the wallpaper use a slightly damp cloth and always do this by dabbing. Never rub, because that may cause the print to stain.


Processing advice of wallpaper circle:

1. Prepare the paste according to the instructions or use ready-to-use wallpaper glue.We recommend using Ready & Roll wallpaper glue for non-woven wallpaper from Perfax.

2.The wallpaper strips have already been cut out in advance in the correct shapes of the circle. Lay all the wallpaper strips on the floor in the right order to check the image of the wallpaper circle. Draw a small line on the wall using a plumb line or spirit level to guarantee a plumb first strip of wallpaper.

3. Apply the glue to the middle wallpaper strip.
When you have 4 wallpaper strips, start with strip 2 or 3.

4. Place the wallpaper strip on the wall. The spirit level or plumb line ensures that this wallpaper strip will hang straight. Use a wallpapering spatula to remove any air bubbles. Place the other wallpaper strips in the correct order on the wall.

5. Remove the excess glue with a piece of kitchen paper. Then pat dry.

6. Wallpaper should always dry slowly. Drying too quickly can cause it to shrink or tear. Dry wallpaper with the doors and windows closed and the heating at a moderate temperature.

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