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Product Information

Perfectly matching colours - Our paint colours are not only precisely formulated to match our wallpaper designs, they also seamlessly mix and match with one another. This way you can be sure that you will effortlessly find the perfect match, every time!

Beneficial for both you and the environment - Creative Lab Amsterdam paints are water based, contain minimal to zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and are entirely solvent-free. This means they are odourless. How wonderful!

A long lasting beautiful result - Our sustainable formulas are strong, wipeable and the wall paint has a Class 1 scrub rating. This ensures that your stunning result will remain stunning for a long time.

User-friendly for all - Whether you're a beginner, a DIY-enthusiast or a seasoned painter, our paints are designed to be easy to apply for anyone.

Sustainably produced - Throughout the production process of our paints, we work with green energy and renewable raw materials. In addition, the waste stream is reduced as much as possible and the paint cans are recyclable. 

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