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Free shipping orders above €50 (in NL and BE)


100% Dutch sustainable product

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Watercolour Checked Blue Wallpaper

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This wallpaper gets its unique appearance due to its symmetry. The blue panels create a breath-taking ambiance. Design by Creative Lab Amsterdam.
  • Infuse your space with style, luxury and joy choosing our colorful wallpaper designs.

  • Add a personal touch to your design with our designer by your side.

  • Healthy air quality, printed with ecological ink.

  • Loved by thousands of customers worldwide.

  • Choose Your Type

    Customised wallpaper means that we can deliver each design in the exact measurements of your wall(s). We adjust the design in a way that it fits perfectly. So in case of a sloping wall, a bed/cupboard against the wall or is there a door/window/heater? Just give us all the information needed and we adjust the design!

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    Creative Lab Amsterdam wallpaper Watercolour Checked Blue behang sample
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    Fire Certification EN13501-1; B-s1-d0:


    1. You measure the highest point of the wall
    2. You measure the widest part of the wall
    3. You add an extra margin of 5cm to the height and width per wall.

    DIY Video

    Customised wallpaper

    • If you have a sloping wall you always enter the highest height measurement and the widest width measurement of the wall. We always print a square and cannot print individual sections. 
    • If there’s a door and/or a window,/bed/cupboard in the wall and want our designers to take into account  these elements, please send an email with the sketch incl. measurements to We will then make sure the design fits perfectly on your wall! You will always receive a digital preview in advance and only after your approval will we print the wallpaper.
    • The extra margin is 5cm per wall, so if you want to wallpaper 2 walls, add 10cm in width and height.

    Patterned wallpaper rolls, how to calculate the quantity of the rolls? 

    The overall size of 1 roll is 97.4 cm (width) x 280 cm (height). The roll has 2 marked strips, so you know where to cut it.

    Note: you should always add 5cm extra to the height and width per wall. If you want to wallpaper 2 walls, you need to add a total of 10cm to the height and width.

    Example calculation for the quantity of rolls:

    1. Measure the height of the wall and add the extra margin. If the total height is less than 280 cm, then pattern wallpaper rolls are suitable. If the wall is higher, then choose customized wallpaper. 
    2. Measure the width of the wall and add the extra 5cm margin. Divide the total width by the width of the wallpaper roll: 97.4cm. 

    Example of calculation:

    • Height : 265cm + 5cm margin = 270cm
    • Width: 350cm + 5cm = 355cm

    Number of rolls: 355cm : 97.4cm = 3.7 rolls, so 4 rolls in total

    Yes, you will receive a preview of the design for your wall within 5 working days. After your approval,  the wallpaper will be printed and sent to you.

    That's no problem and our designers will fit the design perfectly to your wall. Create a sketch of your wall and draw the window/bed/cupboard etc. including the measurements. You send this sketch to including your order number. We’ll make sure the designer receives your sketch and she’ll create the best design for you!

    Do you have a sloping wall?

    To measure a sloping wall, take the widest part of the wall and the highest point. You order these measurements because we cannot print sloping walls. Additionally,  make a sketch of the wall and insert the measurements where the sloping wall starts and ends. Send the e-mail including your order number and our designers will work with this to create the perfect design for you!

    Yes, you certainly can! You can order a sample on every design page.  Or go to the overview page with all samples, where you can also order samples.

    Customised wallpaper:

    • Within 5 working days you will receive a digital preview of the design of our designer
    • After your approval of the design, we will print the wallpaper, which takes a maximum of 5 working days.
    • After printing we’ll send the order to you. Within NL, it is delivered within 2 days, other parts of Europe between 3-7 working days.

    Total maximum delivery time

    • The Netherlands: maximum 12 working days
    • Other European countries:  13- 20 working days
    • Outside Europe: it depends on the continent, for questions  send an email to

    Wallpaper circle / patterned wallpaper 

    • The Netherlands max. 7 working days
    • Other European countries: max. 8 -12 working days 
    • Outside Europe: it depends on the continent, for questions, please send an email to

    Transform your home

    Creative Lab Amsterdam wallpaper turns featureless walls into colourful canopies of fun and wonder

    Wallpaper without the hassle

    Made with convenience and easy maintenance in mind

    Light Fastness

    Resistant to fading, ensuring vibrant colors even with prolonged light exposure.

    Paste The Wall

    First paste the wall and after that, hang the paper.

    Straight Match

    Aligns continuously across panels, offering a smooth, consistent pattern flow.

    Wet Strippable

    Easy removal using water, allowing for hassle-free wallpaper changes.

    Ordering Your Wallpaper, Step-by-Step

    At Creative Lab Amsterdam, each piece of wallpaper can be custom-made.

    Our designers use your wall measurements to ensure a perfect match, including that the design fits the wall exactly. That means no disappearing giraffes or headless fish at the end of the wall!

    We fine-tune until both the wallpaper and design fit perfectly on your wall.

    STEP 1

    Take your pick and choose a design you can’t wait to see on your wall.

    STEP 2

    Give us the measurements and tell us if there are specific details like doors, corners, windows or beds, or else.

    STEP 3

    Please double-check that everything you’ve told us is correct! If it’s not accurate, your wallpaper may not fit correctly.

    STEP 4

    Our design team will create the design of your custom wallpaper and then send you a digital preview within 3 working days. This allows you to check if it’s an exact fit for your chosen wall. After your final approval, the design will be sent to the producer.

    STEP 5

    Your wallpaper will be made to measure and shipped to your address. You’ll get a Track & Trace link to see exactly when it’s due to arrive.

    STEP 6

    The wallpaper comes in numbered lanes in one roll, so you can see exactly where to fit it. Or we can pass your details on to our wallpaper installation partners, so they can install it for you. Always check your name, design, and measurements on the roll before pasting it to the wall.

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