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101 possibilities with Customised Wallpaper!

Why choose “Custom Wallpaper”?

Do you have a door or window in the wall?
Is the wall sloped or do you have a heater on the wall?
Or is there a bed, cupboard, or another piece of furniture in the way?


The solution is ‘custom wallpaper’!

Customised wallpaper is beneficial for many reasons:

Firstly, the wallpaper is made to measure exactly the dimensions of your wall and room. In addition to this, our designers can also adjust the design so that it fits around your window, door, or sloping wall. Our designs are made up of individual elements such as animals and flowers which can be easily moved around. 

For example, if you want your giraffe not to disappear behind an obstruction, like a built-in cabinet or heater, our designers will move it slightly in the design so that it remains visible. This applies to all possible elements and entirely according to your own creative design.

Personal design:

  • For every order, a designer works on the wallpaper and makes it perfectly tailored to your room. We can add more elements if there is a very wide or high wall so that the design keeps its authenticness that attracted you in the first place.
  • Do you like flowers, but prefer a different color? Then you can request a change of color.
  • Express your preference for any element (in this design or others) which can then be added or removed from the design. For example, if you love the flamingos from your chosen design (or from another design), then you can ask that they be featured a little more or extra in the design. 
  • We can even add a name in the design, so you create your personal wallpaper. Fantastic in a kids room!


Non-woven wallpaper and bathroom wallpaper

We have custom wallpaper in 2 materials: 

The first kind, non-woven wallpaper, is suitable for the living room, dining room, and children's bedroom.

The bathroom wallpaper, Walltex wallpaper, is suitable for humid areas and often used for bathrooms. Both types of wallpaper can be perfectly tailored to your home!
Both wallpapers also have the Greenguard Gold quality mark. Read more about the material that Creative Lab Amsterdam uses here.


So, what should you do next?

It is not complicated to order your custom wallpaper at Creative Lab Amsterdam.

  1. Choose a design that you like under “Customised Wallpaper” on the website where you will be guided through the process. The next steps are:
  2. Enter the dimensions of the wall, and add an extra 5 centimeters in width and height as an extra margin to your measured dimensions.
  3. Include any details as described above in the 'comments' field that will assist the designers in editing the wallpaper.
  4. Complete the order by paying.
  5. You will receive digital proof by email within 5 working days. You will always get to preview your final product, check the sizes and take a good look at the design. Once approved, it will be printed and we can no longer change anything.
  6. After approval, the wallpaper will be printed and we will send it to you. Our delivery time after approval of the design is a maximum of 7 working days within the Netherlands. Other delivery times vary per destination. Please contact us at if you have any further questions about delivery times.

Direct contact

If you have a complicated design at home, you can e-mail a sketch of the wall with the dimensions to and indicate on your sketch where the window, the bath, the door, and the cupboard are. State the sizes of each item correctly. This does not have to be a high-quality work of art, just a freehand drawing is sufficient, as long as the dimensions are correct!